KINGSOO Originated from Human Sports Gene Research Laboratory

December 02 13:38 2019

The research results of life sciences led by human genome research have had a major impact on the development of medicine, sports and even the whole natural science. Many new human genes with important functions have been identified in sports training, scientific selection and sports injuries. Applied in the theoretical research and practice of treatment and rehabilitation.

KINGSOO belongs to the core research products of the Human Sports Gene Research Laboratory, targeting the brands of popular health and fashion consumption.

The story behind a world-class laboratory

The Human sports gene Research Laboratory was established by Hong Kong PHITOO Co., Ltd. and the Singapore Human Genomic Research Foundation LTD.  It has made many achievements in the field of sports genes. Over the years, the EPO gene ACE gene ACTN3 gene CKMM gene has been deeply cultivated, and the ER gene of the motor gene EPO gene has been studied. The ACTN3 gene CKMM gene has a considerable impact on muscle function, cardiopulmonary function, metabolism, blood supply system, damage recovery ability, and even weight loss.

The Human sports gene Research Laboratory adheres to the philosophy of benefiting humanity and continuously deepens its research system. It has a world-class laboratory consultant team: Randy Schekman – 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, American cell biologist And Sabeeha Merchant Internationally renowned botanists, academicians of the American Academy of Sciences, and the University of California, Los Angeles, have won numerous awards in the field of biomedicine, and even the industry direction 

Strong research team and sophisticated scientific research instruments Deep-plowing sports gene field

In The Human sports gene Research Laboratory, the top scientists are experimental consultants, with 28 senior life scientists as the core research and development team. With multidisciplinary and multi-disciplinary knowledge in biology, medicine, nutrition, toxicology, it has rich experience in research and development.

Human sports gene Research Laboratory introduces the world’s most advanced gene sequencer NovaSeq 600, Beckmancoulter IMMAGE 800 specific protein analysis department, Illumina iScan system chip scanner, Tens of thousands of experiments per year, covering raw material screening, functional activity testing, safety testing, hygiene testing, stability testing, clinical trials, consumer trials, packaging testing, process research, compatibility experiments.

Among them, the clinical trials for sports energy supplementation can be regarded as excellence in the industry, and the KINGSOO brand is unique in this respect.

KINGSOO is the consumer brand of the Human Sports Gene Research Laboratory,KINGSOO’s philosophy is to use the scientific research results of the laboratory to help people repair a series of physical injuries attached to the movement. KINGSOO currently has a product line consisting of: energy supplementation, muscle protection, damage repair, and functional enhancement.

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