Dragon Squad Popstar Aaron Paul Receives Award From the Masters of Martial Arts

June 16 23:05 2021

There are Lovers and there are Fighters, so the saying goes. So why then is international music and fashion celebrity icon Aaron Paul being recognized by the world of fighters with a prestigious award? His award by the Masters of Martial Arts in Atlantic City this weekend is for his contribution as an Ambassador for Dragon Entertainment, and his starring role in their production of the Dragon Squad the Gangs of New York movie, which will be premiere in Times Square at the end of the year. For those that are properly immersed in the martial ways, will be fully aware that the teachings of the martial arts goes far beyond the violence and fighting; as important and maybe more so, are the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the conditioning of mind, body and soul.

UK music star Aaron Paul (right) receiving his award from US movie star Clayton Prince (left)
Photographer: Leong Ying (12th June 2021)

Aaron Paul, the Lover and Artist, entered the Fighter’s World through his close friendship with Dr. Leong Ying, Executive Producer of Dragon Squad. The relationship has blossomed to expand into the Non Fungible Token (NFT) virtual world that is a synergetic fit for talented artists as with Aaron and content creators like Dragon Entertainment productions of movies and music. The Dynamic Duo has partnered with blockchain technology company Yezcoin in setting up the new NFTiMart marketplace to promote and sell NFTs. Aaron has used his musical creativity in support of these joint enterprises: releasing Kung Fu Fighting (original performance at 2017 Bruce Lee Anniversary Tribute), and soon to release NFT What the Funk! to mark the launch of NFTiMart.

Kung Fu Fighting – Music Art Video: https://youtu.be/Bhfa-ONlA8g

2021 Mix – Produced and Edited by #APMusicENT
Photography by Sourov Mukherso Photography @mukherso
2017 Mix – Produced by Peter Tanico #Exit39Productions

Dynamic Duo (left to right): Dr. Leong Ying and Aaron Paul
Photographer: Leong Ying (12th June 2021)

So as not to be outdone by his fellow British buddy, Dr. Leong Ying was inducted into the Masters of Martial Arts Hall of Fame. His half century of training as a martial artists, includes achieving black belt master status in Ju Jitsu, definitely qualifies him as a skilled fighter, though he prefers to preach his philosophical and spiritual ways than teach the physical arts of fighting.

Dr. Leong Ying inducted into Masters of Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Photographic Collection: Masters of Martial Arts

To make it a Full House, the cofounders of Dragon Entertainment: Grand Master Tyrone Bullock and Jocelyn Nguyen also received awards to recognize their achievements and contributions to the world of martial arts and the entertainment industry.

2021 Masters of Martial Arts video: https://youtu.be/8-z-Izcg-Rw

Produced by Our Collective

Dragon Entertainment founders: Grand Master Tyrone Bullock and Jocelyn Nguyen at the Masters of Martial Arts awards ceremony
Photographer: Leong Ying (12th June 2021)


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